1. What are the BigResources deals?

The BigResources deals are a bundle of services created for website and print media designers and developers, which are provided at a significant discount.

2. How long are BigResources deals available?

Each deal has its own time provisions. A deal could be available for several days, or a few weeks. A countdown clock is available on each deal page indicating when that deal will expire. There may be modifications, variations, or extentions of particular deals from week to week as well.

3. When and how do I receive my purchases?

Instructions on accessing each service will be provided after your order is complete. This may include download links, user logins, access codes, coupon codes, and may vary for each service that is included in the package or bundle.

4. Do I need to pay each vendor separately?

No, You only need to make one payment through BigResources, and you will receive access to all bundled services instantly.

5. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept paypal and all major credit cards.

6. How can I keep up to date on current deals?

Please subscribe to our newsletter or twitter feed.

7. How can I list my offer/deal with your website?

Please contact us with the details of your offer for consideration.

8. What are the usage terms of service for the deals?

Each service may have its own terms of service, but in general, you cannot redistribute the items that you acquire. Please see the individual terms of each site for specific terms and conditions.

9. Are there any recurring charges?

No, each deal is a one time charge, and there are no automatic recurring charges.